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In november 1997 Triosonic played in Timisoara, Rumania. In an afterhours session Ferdi played with Vlaicu Golcea, a Rumanian double-bass player. We kept in touch after the tour. When the Rumanian sextet 'Jazz Unit' released a new CD, 'Changes, Live at Green Hours' it was possible to arrange a few concerts in october 1998 with Ferdi Schukking as a guest musician. We played again in Timisoara, Arad and Bucarest. Three performances were broadcasted on Rumanian local and national television. We did several interviews, the audience was very enthousiastic and respectfull. We spent two days in the national radio studio to record several new pieces. The recordings were broadcasted and plans are being made to release another CD with the 'Jazz Unit' septet with Ferdi Schukking on soprano saxophone. We are trying to do a little tour in Holland and Rumania again in 1999.

Ferdi Schukking

Jazz Unit is:
  • Lucian Ban- piano
  • Eddie Neumann- saxophone
  • Vlaicu Golcea- double bass
  • Adrian Stefanescu- drums
  • Maurille Amousou- percussion
  • Fabrice Doutouma- percussion

CD: Changes/ Live at the Green Hours (1998):
  • Jean Pierre (Miles Davis)
  • Assi che we nie (L. Ban/ dedicated to Abdullah Ibrahim)
  • Fingus Mingus (L. Ban/ V. Golcea)
  • Portrait (L. Ban)
  • Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)
  • Time for trane (L. Ban)
  • Africa (L. Ban/ E. Neumann)
  • Changes (L. Ban/ E. Neumann)

CD: From now on (1999)
  • Go for it! (L. Ban)
  • Nana Wasamba (L. Ban/ M. Amoussou)
  • Chords of my memories (L. Ban)
  • A love supreme (J. Coltrane)
  • Teaca (L. Ban)
  • In a sentimental mood (D. Ellington)
  • The quiet road (L. Ban)
  • Two of a kind (L. Ban)
  • Duke's dream/ Come sunday (L. Ban/ D. Ellington)
  • Spiritual (L. Ban)