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Lucian Ban -piano, composer. Born in 1969 Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Private lessons piano & compositions, 1993-1996 studies at Bucharest Academy of Music. Leader of the Jazz Unit Group, released under his name 2 records on the Romanian Green Records label (mostly originals). 1991-1996 studies at Bucharest University (BA in Philosophy). Since 1999 in New York studying piano with Junior Mance and composition with Manny Albam, Jim McNelly & Charles Tolliver at The New School Jazz Program. Studies with Phil Markowitz, Lee Ann Ledgerwood, Charles Tolliver, Richie Beirach. Plays in a duet with the great tabla player Badal Roy. The NY sextet features the emerging Alex Harding on baritone saxophone (Julius Hemphill Sextet, Ahmed Abdullah NAM Quartet, Sun Ra Orch.-Marshall Allen). In 2000 the Booktrade Publishing featured one of his compositions (Assi che we nie) as a tribute in the book about the famous south african piano player Abdullah Ibrahim. He also composed music for ballet as well. Influences: Monk, Abdullah Ibrahim, Paul Bley, Mingus, Blythe.
Saxophonist Ferdi Schukking, born in Amsterdam, 1959, learned soprano saxophone under Adri van Velsen in Maastricht, studied composition with Misha Mengelberg in Amsterdam and microtonality with dr. Rudolf Rasch in Utrecht. He is equally accomplished on the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. His classical training has been showcased in the Delphi Saxophone Quartet, with modern compositions of Dutch composers, with the ensemble "14CMS" (I Foresee a Mess), which plays a combination of jazz and pop, and in a duo with pianist Bea de Jong. He is also an accomplished solo performer in a program with dancer Truusje Graste, which resulted in his solo CD 'Lucht' (released in 2000). In 1995 he won the Dordtse Jazzprize with his septet 'Very Shucking', and in 1989, together with pianist Ingeborg van Stiphout, he won the KRO Broadcasting Saxophone Competition. He has produced and collaborated on numerous CD productions. Ferdi Schukking's creatively expansive range is instantly recognizable in every solo he plays. He has the ability to interpret an emotion typical of a certain composition in a way that suits the moment. His versatility and openness give his music its own vital and playful character.

Erik Torrente - alto saxophone, flute. Born in 1976, New York City. Studied at the La Guardia High School 1996-2000 and the New School/Jazz Program.

John Knight - Trombone, didgeridoo, shells.
Born in 1974, Louisville, Montana. Studied trombone in High School, then played nationaly with SKA bands. Studied trombone with Benny Powell. Sit in/play with Slide Hampton Orch., various Latin Jazz Orchestras from NYC. Influences: Steve Turre, Jimmy Knepper, Curtis Fuller. Great blues feeling.
Kevin Hill - Double bass, tuba. Born in 1975, Fresno, California. Studied tuba from early age (clasical & jazz). Played on the West Coast with well known dixieland groups. Leads a modern jazz group in the Bay area. Studied double-bass with Philip Kats, Reggie Workman, Doug Weis. Influences: Mingus. Very strong & dynamic player. Adventureous.

Woody Shaw III - drums. Born in 1978, NYC. Got to know jazz from an early age. He graduated at the New School/Jazz Program in NYC in 2004.


Fabrice Doutouma. Born in 1970, Lyon, France. African decendent, pecussion player (congas, djembe,talking drum, bougarabou), played with several afro-percussion groups in Paris & Lyon. Recorded with Jazz Unit group on Green Records label ("Changes" GR 01), toured with this group in Romania and France.



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Arad, Romania
Timisoara, Romania
Green Hours Jazz Cafe, Bucarest, Romania
Actorilor, Bucarest, Romania
Jazzfestival, Belfort, France
Jazzfestival, Belfort, France
Fauberge de France, Belfort, France
Green Hours Jazz Cafe, Bucarest, Romania
La Motor, Bucarest, Romania
Jazzfestival, Tirgu Mures, Romania
Green Hours Jazz Cafe, Bucarest, Romania
Swing House, Bucarest, Romania
Jazzfestival, Belfort, France
Jazzfestival, Belfort, France
Piano Bar, Belfort, France
New York, USA
They are all members of Jazz Unit Septet.
Information and bookings: Ferdi Schukking, Oostsingel 1 B, 3441 GB Woerden, Holland. Telephone: +31 6 27450768, email: duodenum@xs4all.nl