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Goodbye is a composition of 34:30 minutes which can be played live on soprano and tenorsaxophone with a laptop and beamer. Ruud van Helvert playes the drums, the other instruments are samples. In performances I can play solo or with drummer Ruud.
Ruud Tuithof designed the cover and the DVD menu.

The premiére took place in the Agnietenkapel, Gouda in october 2004 in Artcentre Burgvliet. The film which was projected on the wall reacted on the movement of the music.

The six parts of the music are different in colour and atmosphere. The rhythme continues in a quiet way. There are also recordings of the train in Woerden on the DVD and my son Jelle (two years old) whispers his comments in his own incomprehensible language.

I played two versions with Ruud. On the first we accompanied a swarm of starlings. They were looking for a place to sleep and flew the most beautifull figures as a ballet in the air. I held the camera on the same position. You'll see the birds come in and out. You can download a fragment of this movie above.

On the second version the movement of the music is viewed on the screen in a computer animation.
Both films can be projected during a performance.

The title 'Goodbye' crossed my mind after I finished the music, but before I made the film. Listening to the music I had a strong feeling of goodbye because of the melancholic atmosphere. Also the departure or the trains on the DVD inviogorated this feeling. The death of my good friend double base player Theo Hoogstins seemed appropriate.
The birth of my son Jelle made me realize that was a kind of goodbye too. When I cut the umbilical cord I said goodbye to 'my' child. He was now a unique independent personality.
When I saw the birds fly above the city of Woerden I knew that was the right movie to accompany my music. De birds symbolise the ultimate goodbye. Sometimes we dream that we can fly to escape the daily reality.

The DVD 'Goodbye' is composed with the 'Toonklok' of Peter Schat. In six parts eight hours of the clock are being played with the same chord structure:

The 2nd part of the composition is written with the 5th hour. The interval structure is a minor second, perfect fourth. Steering by the 2nd hour. I used three groups of four notes instead of four groups of three notes. That's why you could also say it's the 7th hour steering (f-sharp, c-sharp, e-flat).

The following parts are on the DVD :

  1. Soprano, 3th & 8th hour
  2. Soprano, 5th hour
  3. Tenor, 7th hour
  4. Tenor, 4th hour
  5. Soprano, 6th & 9th hour
  6. Soprano, 11th hour


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