CD 'Lucht' (Air), Ferdi Schukking solo saxophone

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Ingeborg van Stiphout - FiS (1993)

The solo CD is called 'Air', or 'Wind'. I recorded it on four different locations: A chapel in Sambeek, an art-gallery in Dinther, a studio in Woerden and a film-studio in 's-Hertogenbosch, all in Holland. The painting on the cover is from Ingeborg van Stiphout. She painted me in 1993. Meta Knol studied art-history. I asked her, after she listened to the CD, to find 14 corresponding 'skies' of painters to fit with the music. It are all details of paintings on the cover. On this site you can find the whole painting. Some of the pieces you can download and listen to with an MP3 player. Ruud Tuithof made the cover of the CD. Maarten Prins, my saxophone repair-man supplied the felt (used on a saxophone) which helps the CD to stay on the cover.
I use different techniques of playing.

Ferdi Schukking

Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch - Landscape in Boskoop (sun going down), 1864

O Amor natural 6:17

The first piece is a jazz ballad I wrote after I saw the movie 'O amor natural' about the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Leo Gestel - Evening landscape near Montfoort, 1909

Cirkels 0:59

'Circles' are arpeggio's played very fast. That's why it suggests more melodies at the same time. It is played with the 'circular breathing' technique.

Reinier Lucassen - The loneliness of Donald Duck, 1964

Black Hole 2:42

Multiphonics are played on 'Black Hole' on the baritone saxophone.

Wassily Kandinsky - Romantic landscape, 1911

Constellaties 3:31

Constellations on soprano consists of the same line, but slightly different every time I play it.

René Daniëls - Subsoil connection, 1984

Vogelleed 2:06

'Vogelleed' (The cry of the bird) is played on only the neck and mouthpiece of the tenorsaxophone.

Charley Toorop - Lighthouse at night (Oostvoorne), 1915

Klakkeloos 3:37

'Klakkeloos' (Suddenly) is played only on the body of the bariton saxophone (without mouthpiece).

JCJ Vanderheyden - Curved skyline, 1990

Rijzen 3:34

'Rise' is a modal improvisation in a-minor.

Lovis Corinth - Walchensee, Neuschnee, 1922

Springtij 1:24

'Springtij' (Spring tide) is a tenor-lick with double tonguing. Other techniques which are used: slap-tonque, glissandi, bugle-calls and top-tones.

Ferdinand Hodler - Der Niesen, 1910

N'dida 2:29

'N'dida' means: a search through the mountains. There are some microtones in the short beginning melody, which establishes the atmosphere of the piece.

Meindert Hobbema - The avenue of Middelharnis, 1689

Kruising 4:04

'Kruising' (Crossroad) is a improvisation on bariton saxophone in two keys.

René Magritte - The false mirror, 1928

Ode aan de Engelen 2:20

'Ode aan de engelen' (a tribute to the angels) is an improvised eleven-tone row, played with a lot of silence, which gives the serene atmosphere.

Vincent van Gogh - Coalbarges, 1888

Flow 4:36

'Flow' is an improvisation on the tenorsaxophone in b-minor.

Paul Cézanne - Bathers, 1890

Antahkarana 1:54

'Antahkarana' is played on soprano with an unconventional fingering. That gives it the strange colour.

Piet Mondriaan - The red cloud, 1907

W (Double You) 2:39

'W (Double You)' is played on alto and soprano saxophone at the same time.


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